Strategic market


  • Distribution systems - designed to fit the brand and category
  • Anchor channel-retailer strategies - growing businesses via targets by area
  • Tailored options depending on the goals of the company
  • Developing entire plans or reviewing and tweaking existing plans
  • Preparing the plan for fund raising

New Product Development


  • Product development; ideation based on trends
  • Sourcing formulators, raw materials, and co-packing options
  • Product and brand differentiation
  • Brand, package, label, and message design
  • Consumer messaging
  • Integrated marketing plans including social media, Internet media, and event strategies

Sales Leadership

Channel Strategies

  • Building and developing teams – entry level to executive
  • Hiring strategies – hiring at the right level at the right time
  • Managing and training distributors and brokers to execute
  • Understanding the right channels to penetrate including e-commerce
  • The link between the brand proposition and the outlet and how to maximize volume

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Helping new and emerging brands maximize their potential through strategic growth and clear optimization of channel opportunities.

We specialize in the steps that it takes to get your brand to market.   Together with our founder and her 30+ year experience in the industry, we have a group of industry experts who come from varying degrees of backgrounds. 

Regardless of whether you’re one to two years into your introduction of the brand or just starting with an idea, our guidance will help you to be successful

Services Overview

Only 1 in 10 Consumer Products Succeed*.
That’s why every detail matters.

  • Starting with the idea, we’ll help you understand the consumer need, category, and potential.
  • Sourcing raw materials, packaging, and manufacturing.
  • Review your existing business plan or write one from scratch.
  • We’ll help you prepare for raising capital.
  • We can help determine exactly what it is about your product that provides value to customers and communicate that via packaging and promotion.
  • We’ll help guide you through go-to-market strategy with initial test markets, regional, and national launches.
  • Go-to-market both from a distribution and retail channel strategy.
  • And, that includes the right infrastructure to minimize costs while ensuring adequate resources.
  • To that point, we’ll help hire and develop your teams and teach you how to effectively manage brokers or distributors, develop sales materials and execute your plan.
  • We can give you soup to nuts guidance for launching your product.
    *CMG Partners

major events

  • New York, NY
    Bev Net Live New York City 2013
    June 4th & 5th, 2013
    New York, NY

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  • Chicago, IL
    Bev Net Live Beverage School
    April 10, 2013
    Chicago, IL

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  • New York, NY
    Supply Side Marketplace
    April 30 - May 2, 2013
    New York, NY

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  • Las Vegas, NV
    Healthy Beverage Expo
    June 7th – 9th, 2013
    Las Vegas, NV

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The definition of branding is building lasting value by delighting customers.” – Marty Neumeier, Zag “If you have the wrong people on the bus, nothing else matters, you may be headed in the right direction, but you still won’t achieve greatness. Great vision with mediocre people still equals mediocre results.

- Jim Collins, Good to Great